Top Ten Reasons to Hire Kokua Care Vs. Private Caregiver

Private in-home care in Hawaii can be a confusing topic. What’s the difference between Kokua Care and private caregivers? What makes Kokua Care stand out? We’ve set out to show you exactly why our quality of in home care services are second to none here in Hawaii. We provide reliable, quality care allowing our clients the comfort, confidence and independence that they deserve. Check out the differences between Kokua Care and private caregivers and judge for yourself.

Reason Kokua Care Private Caregiver
1. Back-up support for Emergency
Extra Staff is available at all times.
2. Taxes
All Taxes – FICA, Federal & State collected and remitted to the government.
You are responsible.
3. Ongoing Training
Regular in-house training.
Only if they take courses themselves.
4. Bonded and Insured Staff
All workers are bonded and insured.
Usually None.
5. Monitoring Care – Quality Control
All cases are carefully monitored & the family is updated regularly.
6. Years of Experience
Extensive premier Home Care Experience.
7. Worker’s Compensation
All employees covered by the company.
Usually None.
8. Thorough Criminal Background Checks
All workers are carefully screened and monitored throughout the year.
Only if you do it yourself.
9. Flexibility of Services
Available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
Normally 5 days/week.
10. Extra Customer Service
Careful matching of client’s needs with the best caregiver.
If personalities don’t work – you have to start the hiring process again.